get the funds. make a record. own your music.

Our studio is reinventing the way that independent artists create and fund professional albums. In fact, most artists that walk through our doors do not pay out-of-pocket for their projects. To make all this possible, we use crowdfunding websites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, providing you with the resources, platform and method to run reliable and effective fundraising campaigns. We then use the funding we raise to record your album.

All Team Plaid Dog artists are able to record 1 song as a promotional single, work with our professional videography team to create a promotional video, and follow our proprietary campaign marketing strategy. All of these services help to ensure a successful crowdfunding campaign are provided at no cost to you.

The music industry is a tough place. We believe that studios should be helping artists to succeed. We believe that artists should own their own music. We believe that artists should be able to approach their recording projects with proper funding, as opposed to entering the studio with a shoe-string budget. We believe that talent is first and foremost. We listen to every piece of music we get for this program and if we believe you can be successful, we will invest our time and resources to help you make your project possible.

First and foremost, our process allows artists to raise significantly more funding than if they were to crowdfund on their own. The results from this process have been really exciting for everyone involved. We’re not only able to help artists expand their recording projects in terms of scope and quality, but artists have been able to grow their fan bases, play better and larger shows, work with other industry professionals like managers, PR companies, and labels. This is a gateway to the next stage of your career.