I’ve recorded in upwards of 25 studios and worked with a lot of engineers with different ‘board side manners’, so I know how rare it is to find someone who is as technically savvy as they are creative and willing to try new things for the sake of a song’s best interest. Nick’s attentive and patient nature made it easy to work because I hadn’t felt so at home since I was . . well, at home.  Thank you much!”

Elissa Janelle Velveteen

“Working with Nick McConnell is everything I’d hoped working with a creative producer would be.  He’s incredibly talented and has great command of song structure, musicality, and the recording process.

Nick seems to effortlessly center the recording process around serving the integrity and artistic vision of each individual song.  Beginning from a “less is more perspective,” and full of insightful, fresh, and nuanced ideas and methods when “more” is called for.

Emily Mineo